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Transitional housing

For some, supported housing can become a trap when there are few opportunities to move-on. Supported housing providers who are serious about creating pathways to

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Local authority looking to pilot an innovative solution for care leavers making use of small sites within the borough

In many areas, when young people leave the care system they are often offered accommodation in either hostels that provide supported accommodation, straight into the …

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Commercial developer looking for a legacy response to a local housing challenge

With a desire to create a scheme focused on beneficial social impact and good design, a commercial mix use developer, through the use of its …

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Commission on Housing, Church and Community

The Innovative Built Solutions for Churches competition will help to establish a small number of small-scale housing schemes involving the use of church land and buildings. Working with specialist housing consultants LivShare Consulting, churches will be offered early stage support to get projects off the ground, including technical advice and help with securing funding and building partnerships.

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YMCA Essex

Housing options appraisal for additional accommodation.

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