LivShare Housing and Consultancy

With a desire to create a scheme focused on beneficial social impact and good design, a commercial mix use developer, through the use of its land assets, wants to deliver an innovative, sustainable housing solution, designed to create an attractive, affordable living space with wellbeing as the driving motivation and objective. The model of development will be pioneering and replicable nationally.

The accommodation created will be focused on local people in housing need, those that might not get such an opportunity elsewhere, and for whom this will make a tangible difference. Both the design and operational expectations will ensure that a positive community feel will be created.

For this client, we have been supporting the developer with writing a business plan which sets out the scheme objectives, how it meets local demand and anticipated development costs with a set of recommendations about how to proceed. We have spoken to local stakeholders plus young people who would fit the criteria for this proposed project.

We have identified the partners to take this scheme forward, including an innovative construction partner in order to achieve where possible zero carbon accommodation. We are now in the planning process which we set out the scheme proposal for up to 30 self contained one bed apartments with shared spaces and outdoor communal areas. Subject to securing planning we anticipate the development to commence in 2021.