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Transitional housing

For some, supported housing can become a trap when there are few opportunities to move-on.

Supported housing providers who are serious about creating pathways to independence need access to good quality, self-contained homes for transition.

Supported accommodation is particularly expensive once people living there start to work, especially challenging on low wages.

Transitional housing can provide an environment that is both community-based and affordable enough to encourage employment, education and/or training, with assess to support staff if needed. This kind of housing sits between supported housing and general needs, providing ‘light-touch nurturing’ to ease transition.

 With much lower levels of staffing, and person-centred support when needed, rents can be kept affordable.

Earlier this year we completed a guidance document for the YMCA Federation on behalf of YMCA England & Wales. The guide includes tools, advice on applying for grant and gaining planning permission, and examples, to assist local YMCAs to develop transitional housing.

The brochure below gives a summary of the guide and local YMCAs can access the full guide through YMCA England & Wales.


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